Find out how the Washing Machine Project will help transform thousands of lives with 10,000 manual washing machines

Global collaboration will help unlock millions of hours for women and girls to improve quality of life, saving time for learning and income-generating activities. 15 April 2024 The Washing Machine Project, a grassroots organization that provides off-grid manual washing machines to people in low-income and displaced communities, announced today it is collaborating with the Whirlpool … Continued

Hackney Green Business Seminar

Based in Hackney and want to learn how you can make more environmentally positive decisions in your business? This hands-on event will help you transition towards a net-zero.

SEUK response to Patagonia becoming a social enterprise

Commenting on Patagonia’s shift to investing its profits into fighting the climate crisis, Peter Holbrook, Chief Executive of Social Enterprise UK, said: Patagonia’s decision to become a social enterprise proves that global brands can make the shift to build their business around purpose, while still delivering profit and aiming for growth. The company’s Board has explicitly … Continued

Demystifying the Just Transition

In this blog, Jennifer Clair Robson, Content Director at Climate Action North, looks in more depth at the idea of a just transition and why this is important for social enterprises