2020 leaves a devastating legacy, but the global pandemic has also led to a surge in mutual aid with communities coming together, connecting with each other and helping the most vulnerable.

Social Enterprises are businesses set up with the sole intention to support communities, both in geographic terms as well as groups of individuals with a shared identity or challenge. Many of them responded to the crisis by adapting to the new needs of their communities by providing food, care, advice and support, or by pivoting their business entirely. Social Enterprises always put the communities they support first, living their values day in and day out and they will continue to do so long after the pandemic is over.

The best way to support social enterprises is to buy from them. We all have the power to help create a fairer more sustainable world and through our spending decisions, we can choose to support businesses making the world a better place. That’s why when you #BuySocial you choose people over profit, choose the planet over environmental destruction and choose communities both in the UK and across the globe.

Choose Communities #BuySocial  

Want to find out more about how social enterprises have impacted communities in the UK and around the world? Here are some of our members alongside some familiar voices to tell you more…

3 Ways to get involved

Here are three simple ways to get involved. To find social enterprises by product or region visit our Directory at directory.socialenterprise.org.uk

buy social campaign - 3 ways to get involved

If you run or work for a social enterprise you can find out how to get involved in the campaign here.

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