To support social enterprises throughout the UK, we have drawn from our networks to put together a series of expert led webinars.

All webinars are free to SEUK members. A password will be shared via email to all members in order to access the registration and recording pages.

If you are not an SEUK member, you can still register with an access fee of £10 that you can pay by calling 0203589 4967.

Some of our webinars will be available for free to non-members as well.

If you have any issues registering, please contact membership@socialenterprise.org.uk.


Access to Finance with Unity Trust Bank

12pm, Thursday 4th Match 2021. Linda Martin and Matt Conroy from Unity Trust Bank will host a webinar to discuss the financing options available for Social Enterprises, including ways to access finance from ethical lenders.Read more

How to Maximise your Member Benefits

12pm, Tuesday 11th January. Our Head of Membership, Sofia Nibali, will take you through the benefits of being a member of Social Enterprise UK, and how you can get involved to make the most of them.Read more

30 Years of transforming the coffee industry to work for people + planet – An interview with John Steel, CEO at Cafédirect

Watch the recording here. Cafédirect, one of the UK’s most successful and recognised social enterprises, turns 30 this year. To mark this milestone we hosted an online interview with their CEO, John Steel, to find out more about the incredible impact the business has had over the last three decades.Read more

A new world? What can social enterprises from Jamaica, Colombia and the UK learn from each other

3pm, Thursday 10th June. Join social enterprise experts and friends from Colombia and Jamaica to learn about the role of social enterprise in delivering the Sustainable Development Goals, making a difference to disadvantaged communities, and addressing inequality in South America, the Caribbean and the UKRead more

An Interview with Yvonne Field, Founder and CEO of The Ubele Initiative

1pm, 15th January 2021. Our content manager, Shehan Perera, interviews Yvonne Field, the Founder and CEO of The Ubele Initiative. There'll also be a Q&A session, so you'll have the opportunity to ask Yvonne your questions.Read more

Breaking down barriers in the arts –An interview with Adil Mohammed Javed, CEO and Artistic Director of Alchemy Arts

WATCH THE RECORDING: We hosted an interview with Adil Mohammed Javed, CEO at Alchemy Arts – a brilliant social enterprise set up to support underrepresented people work in the arts. They are a business set up to break down barriers, dedicated to reclaiming the narrative, telling forgotten stories, and using the creative industries to raise up voices and empower communities. Adil discussed their their projects which range from, challenging the negative stereotypes of mental health in racialised communities, reducing social isolation in the elderly South Asian community and supporting them to becoming more tech-savvy in their flagship project TEK Eagles, Forgotten Soldiers of the War to HerSay a programme supporting women from minority ethnic groups. We also looked more at the challenges of working in this space, the importance and limitations of representation and how the social enterprise model can help reduce racial inequalities.Read more

Corporate Supply Chains: the challenges and opportunities for B2B social enterprises

Five years ago Social Enterprise UK launched the Buy Social Corporate Challenge, bringing together a group of high-profile companies which are aiming to collectively spend £1 billion with social enterprises through their procurement. From catering to cleaning products, from venue hire to video production, from website development to workwear – social enterprises are increasingly providing the products and services that large businesses need. Join this webinar to hear about the progress made on the Buy Social Corporate Challenge in its first five years, and find out more about the opportunity for your social enterprise to tap into corporate purchasing power.Read more

Creative Disruption: how social enterprises can realise their social prescribing potential in COVID-19 recovery

12pm, Friday 2nd July. Social Prescribing Link Workers are the creative disruptors reducing inequality and powering up integrated care to improve quality of life. This webinar will look at how social enterprises can realise their social prescribing potential as we continue to recover from the COVID-pandemic.Read more

Discussing Common Forms of Social Investment with the Esmée Fairbairn Foundation

12pm, Wednesday 14th April 2021. This workshop will give an insight into social investment from one of the UK’s largest social investors – Esmée Fairbairn Foundation. The session will focus on common investment instruments with the aim of raising awareness for different forms of social investment and what potential investees should be conscious of when thinking about investment.Read more

Finance 101: Social Investment and Funding Options for Social Enterprises with Triodos Bank

12pm Thursday 22nd April. This session will provide an overview of social investment. What it is, what it isn’t, the different types, where to get and what you can do with it. Richard O’Brien from Triodos Bank will provide a practical guide about what to think about when considering social investment. He will be joined by Ruth Anslow, founder and director of HISBE Food CIC an ethical supermarket based in Brighton which has successfully raised social investment.Read more

Free business consultancy from social enterprise supporters: an introduction to mentoring

Watch the recording here: Lee Mannion, Head of Communications at Expert Impact, is joined by mentor and CEO of Velocity Black, Zia Yusuf, and Mentee and co-founder of Equal Education, for this introduction to mentoring, and how it can benefit your business.Read more

How to maximise your member benefits

Our Head of Membership, Sofia Nibali, will take you through the benefits of being a member of Social Enterprise UK, and how you can get involved to make the most of them.Read more

How to speak for something bigger than yourself

12pm, Thursday 29th April. Voice coach Thea May will deliver a webinar on HOW TO SPEAK UP FOR SOMETHING BIGGER THAN YOURSELF. This webinar will cover: - A potted history of being in service - The 4 languages of catalytic resonance - How to do itRead more

KNOWLEDGE IS (REDRESSING) POWER (IMBALANCES) – collecting and using equality, inclusion and diversity data

11am, 11th February 2021 Emily will talk about why Equality, Diversity and Inclusion data is important, and will be joined by Diversity and Inclusion Advisor, Social Enterprise Founder and Charity Trustee Lauren Le Franc to discuss how social enterprises can begin collecting and using EDI dataRead more

Leading the World - what can UK social enterprises learn from the South East Asia perspective?

Wednesday 17th Match 2021 09:00am London Join social enterprise leaders from Thailand and Singapore to learn about the rise of social enterprise, the middle class and the economies of South East Asia, the potential Asian Century, the idea of Singapore-on-Thames, inequality, and social enterprise as a global movement.Read more

Maximise your Member Benefits

12pm, 8th January 2021: Sofia Nibali, our Head of Membership, takes us through how you can get the most out of your SEUK membership.Read more

Mental Health & Wellbeing in the Social Enterprise Sector

Watch the recording: In this webinar we will aim to share the latest research and expert insights on mental health and wellbeing in the social enterprise sector, the latest trends around challenges and the support in place and the impacts on employees and founders of social enterprises.Read more

Policy and Public Affairs Update

Tuesday 4th May, 12pm. Our Director of External Affairs, Andrew O'Brien, will be taking a look at the latest political developments and how this will impact the social enterprise movement going forwards as the lockdowns across the UK begin to lift.Read more

Policy Update

9am, 1st February 2021: Our Director of External Affairs, Andrew O'Brien provides the latest on the policy changes that will impact the social enterprise sector, and looks ahead to the rest of the year.Read more

Presents with Purpose - an interview with Dave Linton and Kerrine Bryan

Watch the recording here: In this Christmas webinar we’re going to be speaking to two inspiring social entrepreneurs about their social enterprise story and how the products they sell help change lives. Christmas is less than a month away but there is still plenty of time to use your spending power to buy social! Social enterprises are selling quality Christmas gifts from fashion and chocolates to toys and homeware, each one helping make the world a better place.Read more

Scaling Impact: The Whys, Whats and Hows of scaling a social enterprise

Thursday, 8th July 12pm. Keen to scale your social enterprise but not sure how? Or perhaps you are unclear about whether scaling is the right approach for your organisation. In this webinar, hosted by Devi Clark from King's Cross Impact Hub, we will examine what scaling might mean for you, exploring different ways that a social enterprise can scale their impact and discussing how scaling a social enterprise can be different to scaling a non-impact organisation.Read more

Social Enterprise Rising: Perspectives from The UK, Turkey and Lebanon

WATCH THE RECORDING: What can social enterprises from Turkey, Lebanon and the UK learn from each other? We believe social enterprise is a global movement. Join social enterprise experts and friends from Turkey and Lebanon to learn more about the rise of social enterprises supporting disadvantaged communities, women and refugees, creating jobs and addressing inequality from the Eastern Mediterranean to the UK.Read more

Social Enterprises and the Future of Public Services – An Interview with Scott Darraugh, CEO of Social adVentures

Thursday 15th July, 12pm. Join us in this webinar with Chief Executive of Social adVentures, Scott Darraugh where we will hear more about their story, their incredible work over the pandemic (including transforming a café into a social supermarket tackling food poverty) and what the future has in store for social enterprises working in health and social care.Read more

Supplier Agreements - Getting it Right - Hosted by Bates Wells

Recording available: If you are supplying goods or services, you need to make sure you’re doing so on terms that are favourable to you, while also avoiding the kind of “red flags” that put buyers off. This can be a difficult balancing act. Most supplier agreements are either far too generous to the point of being unprofitable, or so onerous in their stipulations, and so full of legalistic jargon, that they put buyers off as soon as they read them.Read more

The foundations of applying for finance for your social enterprise and the common mistakes to avoid

Watch David Chick, Unity Trust Bank and Kevin Lloyd-Evans, Big Issue Invest as they discuss the foundations of applying for finance for your social enterprise. They will also share some of the common mistakes that social enterprises make on applications and explain how you can avoid them.Read more

The Pandemic and Beyond: Supporting Social Enterprise with The Institute for Small Business and Entrepreneurship

12pm, Thursday 25th March. The webinar provides helpful advice to social enterprises to support them through the Coronavirus pandemic and beyond. Contributions come from an experienced practitioner and consultant as well as a leading academic researcher, who will shed light on some emerging developments. The webinar encourages social entrepreneurs to actively engage in the session. Social Enterprise UK will introduce its new social enterprise ally network.Read more

Trade Marks 101 - Delivered by Bates Wells

Wed 24 March 2021, 9.00 – 10am. The one-hour webinar will give you an insight of the basics of branding and trade mark law, and an update on recent trends in the world of brand protection. We will cover the essentials of trade marks and brand protection for social enterprisesRead more

Why COVID was the FIRST digital disruption; what comes next and how to be ready

12pm, 15th February. In this session Liam Cahill will join leaders of the SEUK membership to help explore this question, provide insight on coming disruptive transformational technologies and share some recommendations for how you can be ready for what comes next. Liam has built a nationally impactful digital Community Interest Company, and has advised national NHS bodies, the states of Guernsey, the Royal Navy, frontline healthcare organisations on digital, along with a number of advanced and transformational technology companies in healthcare.Read more

I don’t have time for Marketing! How to ‘do’ marketing as a Social Enterprise

12pm, Thursday 27th May. At this webinar Jane Thompson from Thompson Marketing will take you through different strategies to get your organisation noticed, whilst ensuring you don’t feel overwhelmed as a business owner – putting you in control of communicating your impact.Read more

Transforming local economies: What does it mean to be a Social Enterprise Place?

Wednesday 24th February, 1pm. We’re delighted to be joined by Gareth Hart from the Plymouth Social Enterprise Network and Jodie Marshall from the Sheffield Social Enterprise Network for a discussion on how social enterprises are driving change at a local level. Both Plymouth and Sheffield are accredited Social Enterprise Places, recognised as hotspots of social enterprise activity.Read more

Employment status: Understanding the categories and the related tax implications - Delivered by Bates Wells

Tuesday 2 March, 9.00am – 10.00am. Bates Wells deliver a webinar on employment status, helping you understand the categories and the related tax implications.Read more

Funding and Access to finance for social enterprises

09:30am-10:30am 4th November 2020. Our partners provide the latest information on how Social Enterprises can apply and get access to funding and finance.Read more

Using data about you for you: how we evidence needs and impacts of social enterprises

11am-12pm 11th November 2020. Director of Research Emily Darko talks about how we evidence the impact and needs of social enterprises.Read more

The contribution that creative and social enterprise can make to our global challenges

12pm-13:00 19th November 2020. Dan Gregory, Director of International and Sustainable Development, talks about the contribution creative and social enterprise can make to our global challenges.Read more

Policy and Public Affairs Update

9am-10am, 3rd December 2020. Our Director of External Affairs, Andrew O'Brien, gives us the latest updates on policy and public affairs.Read more

Getting on top of your finances - Financial Skills for Small Social Enterprise

15pm-16:00pm 14th December 2020. Sabira Kanji, our Director of Corporate Services and Finance, provides insight, training and tips on accounting shared services and cash flow management.Read more

Choose Communities: Buy Social

12:00pm - 13:00, 14th October 2020 How three social enterprises are supporting their communities through the pandemic and how you can support them.Read more

What do the new COVID-19 support measures mean for my social enterprise? 

12:00pm - 13:00 26th October 2020. With the furlough scheme coming to an end, our Director of External Affairs, Andrew O'Brien takes us through the latest support for businesses from the government.Read more

Maximise the use of your member benefits

12pm - 13:00, 29th October 2020: Sofia Nibali demonstrates the benefits of being an SEUK member, and how to ensure you make the most of your membership.Read more