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In which geographic areas do you deliver the majority of your services/products? This is about your business operations not your social or environmental mission. This helps people find your services and/or products - only select the regions where you currently deliver the majority of your services/products to ensure the quality of data within the search engine.
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What is the main product or service you sell? How do you generate most of your income? This may be different from your social or environmental mession. E.g. if you help homeless women into work through a coffee shop, select hospitality (not skills development)
Social/environmental mission
Which category(ies) best fits the positive social or environmental impact that your organisation seeks to bring about? Select up to 3 in order of significance. e.g. if you help homeless women into work through a coffee shop, select "employment opportunites", "homelessness and housing" and "woment and gender equality".
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Who do you sell your products/services to? Please select as many as apply in order of significance.
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150 words to describe your organisation and what you do. Be as clear and succinct as you can, covering the product or service that you offer and your social/environmental mission. This information will be displayed on your profile in our Buy Social Directory, the clearer you are, the easier and quicker it will be for people to find your organisation.
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Please write as many search items as are relevant to the products or services that your social enterprise offers (e.g. coffee, cake, bistro, bakery, cakes)
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If your organisation’s leadership consists of only one person, please only provide this data if you are that person.
There is no obligation to provide this data and you can request for this data to be removed from our data storage system at any point.
Do 50% or more of your leader(s), founder(s), or leadership team identify as:
We collect data on the demographics of our social enterprise members’ leadership teams in order to monitor how effectively we are meeting our aims to be an inclusive, equitable and diversity organisation.
By providing the following data, you consent to SEUK holding this data for internal and anonymised monitoring, analysis and research purposes. This data will be securely stored and it will not be shared outside a core team at SEUK who process data.
Visit the SEUK website for more information about SEUK’s commitments to Justice, Equality, Diversity and Inclusion.