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Tarem Services Limited Celebrates its 25th Anniversary

This month marks a significant milestone for Tarem Services Limited as we celebrate 25 years of pioneering efforts as a social enterprise. Founded in 1999 with crucial initial support from The Prince’s Trust, we have dedicated ourselves to tackling in-work poverty and promoting sustainable practices. Through our high quality cleaning and labour services, we lead in driving social value, demonstrating the power of integrating business excellence with profound social responsibility.

Celebratory Highlights: A Commitment to Social and Environmental Progress

The anniversary celebrations will spotlight Tarem Services’ unwavering commitment to employee welfare and its influential role in enhancing community and environmental sustainability. Key events include:

Youth Empowerment Initiative:

The ‘Empowering Young People Through Enterprise’ event, scheduled for Tuesday, 14 May, in collaboration with The Prince’s Trust and the Young Lewisham Project, aims to spark an entrepreneurial spirit in young individuals and steer them towards sustainable futures. We are honoured to have the support of the Mayor of Lewisham, Brenda Dacres.

Volunteer Initiatives:

Employees from Tarem Services and CBRE will actively volunteer at local food banks – Burnt Oak Foodbank (9th May), White City Community Food Hub (13th May), and Community Food Enterprise (16th May). These efforts focus on combating food insecurity and strengthening community support, underscoring our commitment to these vital causes.

Looking Ahead: A Commitment to Growth and Empowerment

Titus Komolafe, Managing Director of Tarem Services, stated, “This milestone isn’t just a celebration of our past achievements; it is a reaffirmation of our commitment to future growth and empowerment. We remain driven by the founding principles established with the invaluable support we’ve received from The Prince’s Trust, Social Enterprise UK, our clients, and other organisations we’ve worked with. This has empowered us to remain dedicated to fostering an environment where our employees thrive and driving social impact where our community flourishes.”

A Supporting Voice from The Prince’s Trust:

Kevin Sutton, Head of Service Delivery for London at The Prince’s Trust, said, “At The Prince’s Trust, we work with young people from disadvantaged communities by supporting them in building the confidence and skills to live, learn and earn. The success of Tarem Services Limited is evidence that when young people receive support in the early days of starting a business, there will be a benefit to both the wider community and future economy for decades to come.”

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About Tarem Services

Tarem Services Limited is a pioneering social enterprise with a critical mission to tackle in-work poverty, particularly among cleaners in the UK. Established in 1999, with the support of a Prince’s Trust grant, the company has evolved into a beacon of ethical business practices, offering a range of professional services, including cleaning, construction labour, pest control, and waste management. Our business model uniquely integrates high-quality service delivery with a strong commitment to social responsibility and environmental sustainability.