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Spectrum Community Health CIC Joins Forces with Hestia to Create Digital Safe Haven in Battle Against Domestic Abuse

Spectrum Community Health CIC proudly announces its collaboration with Hestia and their UK SAYS NO MORE campaign, through the launch of the Online Safe Spaces initiative. This groundbreaking project, which debuts on International Women’s Day, marks a significant milestone in the fight against domestic abuse.

In today’s digital era, the need for safe online environments is more crucial than ever, especially for those affected by domestic abuse. Shocking statistics reveal that 1 in 5 adults experience domestic abuse during their lifetime, with women and men both affected, making it a pervasive issue in society. Last year alone, 2.4 million adults in the UK fell victim to domestic abuse. Recognising this urgent need, Spectrum is proud to join forces with Hestia to address this critical issue head-on.

The Online Safe Spaces initiative introduces a secure haven within Spectrum Community Health CIC’s website and staff intranet, providing individuals with a discreet pathway to support, and resources related to domestic abuse. This innovative tool, already adopted by major national websites such as the Post Office, British Gas, and TSB, ensures 100% confidentiality, leaving no internet history. It is free to install and use, offering a lifeline to those in need.

Linda Harris, Chief Executive at Spectrum, expressed her enthusiasm, stating, “Our collaboration with Hestia marks a significant milestone in combating domestic abuse. By joining forces and implementing Online Safe Spaces, we’re taking a bold step forward in providing expert support services to victims in need. This initiative not only ensures accessibility but also offers a sense of security and confidentiality crucial for those navigating such sensitive situations. It’s about empowering victims, ensuring they know they’re not alone, and that help is just a click away.”

Incorporating Online Safe Spaces into organisational websites is not just a corporate responsibility, but a vital step in breaking the silence surrounding domestic abuse. The Online Safe Spaces webpage offers a wealth of information and resources, accessible discreetly and in multiple languages. With features like a quick exit function and non-appearance in browsing history, it prioritises the safety of those seeking support.

Sarah Dodds, Head of Marketing at Spectrum, emphasised the organisation’s commitment to promoting health and wellbeing in vulnerable communities. She stated, “At Spectrum, we believe in providing quality healthcare for all, regardless of circumstances. Our dedication to excellence extends to initiatives like the UK SAYS NO MORE campaign and Online Safe Spaces, as we strive to create safe environments both physically and digitally.”

Spectrum Community Health CIC encourages those affected by domestic violence to access their Online Safe Spaces, found at the bottom of their website pages, or through partner organisations within the UK SAYS NO MORE campaign.

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