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How Tarem Services are taking on in-work poverty

Serving London for over 20 years, Tarem Services Limited is a social enterprise dedicated to addressing the ongoing issues surrounding in-work poverty within the UK.

We firmly believe that every cleaner and other blue-collar worker deserves to earn more than just a ‘living wage’ – this is especially true as the cost of living continues to soar. Our social mission is to “tackle in-work poverty for all and deliver real change within our workforce, create awareness of the issue, and drive better social values.

We fully understand how critical our role is in providing our clients with the highest standards in terms of the services we provide. More importantly, we take the well-being of our entire workforce very seriously as they are the backbone of our excellence and persistent successful track record.

We’re pleased to share Tarem Services’ latest Social Impact Report July 2022 – August 2023.  The report highlights Tarem Services’ commitment to delivering positive impact over the last 12 months.  As a social enterprise, we continue to take purposeful actions to uphold our responsibility to create a more sustainable and brighter future.  

Download the full report from here