In the run-up to our latest campaign – Buy Social for a Better World – in October, we’re profiling some of our fantastic members and the amazing impact they make. Today we’re looking at Hey Girls, who sell quality eco-friendly sanitary products that help fight period poverty in the UK. Keep an eye out for more profiles throughout the summer.

“We created Hey Girls to offer you a no leak, super comfy, chlorine and bleach free, environmentally friendly product that tackles period poverty in the UK. How? Well that’s simple – all the profits from our Buy One Give One products go directly to help girls and young women in need – no fat cat shareholders taking a payout. So that means for every box you buy we give a box away- yep just that straightforward.” 

Celia Hodson, Founder of Hey Girls

“Being able to provide free sanitary products to girls and women has been a lifeline to so many and it has helped open up the conversation with women from diverse backgrounds, some of whom have never spoke openly about periods – period. This is not only tackling period poverty but empowers women to go with the flow – bloody brilliant, thank you Hey Girls UK.”

Libby Smith, YWCA Scotland (donation partner).

Hey Girls display the “Buy Social” badge on all their products. This proves they’re a certified social enterprise and gives consumers the confidence that their purchase goes towards bringing about a better world through genuine social or environmental impact.

“Buy Social – why wouldn’t you right?  We all work so hard to earn our money but most of us don’t work so hard at spending it – old habits are hard to shift.  

The Buy Social logo helps customers to know that their money is going to make a direct social impact. So whether that’s buying social, ethical or environmental products you know that your purchase is doing good. 

We proudly display the Buy Social Logo on two sides of all of our packaging and purposely shout about and promote all the other brands that do too. It’s a together thing. Buy Social.” 

Celia Hodson, Founder of Hey Girls

In October we’re running an exciting campaign to encourage consumers to buy from social enterprises, by celebrating what they do and the positive difference they make: Buy Social for a Better World. A central part of this is making sure the “Buy Social” badge is both widely recognised and used by as many social enterprises as possible.

Are you a social enterprise? Stand out, help grow the sector and attract more business with the Buy Social logo, available to all social enterprises that are certified SEUK members.

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