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Stronger in Scotland

Dan Gregory on the SNP manifesto and the social economy

Believe in Britain

Dan Gregory looks at whether the UKIP manifesto has anything to offer the social economy

Pobol Power!

Dan Gregory, Director of the Social Economy Alliance, looks at the first manifesto to come out of this election period - Plaid Cymru’s Working for Wales

And the winner of the General Election will be...

James Butler, Public Affairs Manager, at Social Enterprise UK on the most unpredicatable General Election in recent history

More of the same please

James Wright, Policy Officer at Co-operatives UK, reacts to Ed Miliband's comments on The British Investment Bank and employee ownership

2014 - A great year for the Social Economy Alliance

We've come a long way in 2014 - here are some of the highlights

It's the Economy, Stupid

Dan Gregory, the Alliance's Policy Advisor, on why we need policies that enable economic as well as social participation

The UK needs a Renewable Energy Right to Invest

Ramsay Dunning, General Manager of Co-operative Energy, argues that giving people the chance to invest in renewable energy is central to creating a social economy.

UnLtd at party conferences

Alliance partners UnLtd took the idea of social enterprise apprenticeships to party conferences. Find out how they fared.

Party Conferences- An insiders account

SEUK's Public Affairs Manager, James Butler, inside account on how we fared at party conferences.

Crowdfunding could kick-start community energy revolution

Ramsay Dunning, General Manager, Co-operative Energy, explores how the UK can harness crowdfunding to boost community energy and clean energy investment.

Open Mic Event: An Update

Find out about the launch of our national campaign.

People, Power, Politics

Dan Gregory, Independent Policy Advisor to the Social Economy Alliance, writes about the positive message the Alliance has to offer politicans.

Working to Live

Jenny North, Director of Policy and Strategy, explains why Impetus-PEF is working with the Social Economy Alliance to address the challenges of social immobility, a million young people unemployed, stagnating wages and reduced access to opportunity.

The Analogue Economy

Celia Richardson, Director of the Social Economy Alliance explains how the frontiers for campaigners have changed, and how social enterprises and their allies in creating social value are well-placed to change economic policy in the run-up to the 2015 General Election.

Partners' Publications

Read policy documents on the Alliance's six key themes from our partner organisations.