Angela Clements spent 5 years leading the largest community based credit union in the Midlands after an early career as a qualified banker. After hearing stories from members of the credit union about their experiences with high cost credit, it became clear that some of the high cost lenders had developed business models that targeted vulnerable households. It was equally clear that a new approach was needed.

Fair for You is the result of intense consumer research to ensure the solution would meet the needs of households with low consumer power. After hours of listening to countless mums of young children in low income households, the Fair for You team created an efficient, accessible, and supportive credit service that strives to put customers first.

Fair for You Enterprise is a Community Interest Company, wholly owned by a charity, that has carefully developed a brand that is trusted by its customers. As a social enterprise, Fair for You generates revenue by providing credit that is affordable and structured to meet the modern borrowing needs of their customers. They make an impact by helping families save money and afford essential appliances such as washing machines and refrigerators. In addition, the health of customers is improved as their financial stress is reduced, and 1/3 report their children’s health has improved as well. Fair for You reports on its social impact regularly to inform the wider credit community of its work.

Innovation in consumer credit is difficult to get funded and struggles to be viewed as a credible mainstream alternative. However, high cost credit needs an alternative that has social benefit at its core. Now Fair for You is a growing team that hopes they can inspire others to find creative alternatives to high cost credit sector.

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