What sector does your business operate in?

Office and business supplies

Where do you work?

WildHearts Office operates UK-wide, to deliver our social impact both nationally and in 37 developing countries.

What is your social mission?

Our mission is to use business as a force for good and to 'democratize opportunity' both for British young people and for those living in poverty across the globe.

What's the back story?

We created WildHearts Office to give companies an efficient and credible way to express their values; to their customers, current staff, and future employees. By switching to WildHearts Office, businesses can use their existing office overheads to address social and economic injustice, both at home and abroad, without affecting their bottom line. WildHearts customers literally make a difference whilst they make a living.

Our vision of compassionate commerce continues through to our social impact. We transform the futures of young British people through Micro-Tyco, our multi-award winning entrepreneurial training programme. Participants learn and practice fundamental employability skills and business principles in a safe ‘micro’ environment. Over 26,000 young people have taken part so far, many of whom have gone on to gain work experience and apprenticeships at top employers.

In the developing world we fund micro-loans, mainly for women, to help them set up small businesses and work their way out of poverty with dignity. This raises family nutrition and education levels, increases access to housing and medicine, and impacts entire communities. To date, our customers have helped us to transform the lives of over 65,000 people in 37 developing countries.

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