We currently partner with a wide-ranging variety of organisations from Johnson & Johnson to NHS England and the World Bank but are always keen to explore and develop new relationships, so do get in touch – we would be delighted to hear from you!

We believe that no matter what sector you work in, social enterprises can bring added value to your work – increasing your own social impact and transforming lives. We partner with organisations from across the public, private and social sectors offering a range of services from supply chain management to consultancy, in-depth research reports to training and have unrivalled access to social enterprises. Here are some of the ways you can partner with us:


We’ve worked with some of the UK’s largest and most well-known businesses such as Johnson & Johnson, PwC and Wates Group helping them find social enterprise suppliers and build the markets for our members. We can work with you to find a social enterprise suitable to your needs. To find out more about our work with corporates and our ground-breaking Buy Social Corporate Challenge, click here.

Public sector

As the driving force behind the Social Value Act we’re at the forefront of influencing policy. We go beyond lobbying and build the evidence base for social enterprise linked solutions to some of the country’s most pressing challenges. We’ve helped local authorities such as Brighton & Hove and Salford create their own social value policies and have brought together local authorities and clinical commissioning groups with local social enterprises and charities as part of our Building Health Partnerships Programme. We also work with housing associations to increase their own social value. Find out more about our work with public bodies here.


Social enterprises are at the heart of local communities – our Social Enterprise Places Programme recognises hotspots of social enterprise activity, raising awareness and forging new relationships. There are currently 33 registered Social Enterprise Places across the UK. Find out more here.


We’ve undertaken social enterprise mapping exercises in countries including Morocco, Bangladesh and Ghana and regularly welcome delegations from abroad to find out more about the UK’s social enterprise sector. We also work with partners internationally such as the British Council and World Bank to push social enterprise as a way to make the promises behind the Sustainable Development Goals a reality.  Find out more about our international work here.

Social Enterprises

SEUK members are at the heart of what we do – together we aim to put social enterprises front and centre of the policy agenda, help them win business and raise the profile of the sector through national campaigns and in the media. To find out more about SEUK membership click here.

Other organisations we’ve partnered with include:

We’re always interested in looking into new ideas and new ways of working. If you’ve got any suggestions or want more information on how to partner with us email business@socialenterprise.org.uk