We are the leading global authority on social enterprise.

We are the biggest network of social enterprises in the UK.

We are a strategic partner to 6 government departments and have led public policy on social enterprise for 15 years.

We have unrivalled business relationships working with some of the biggest companies in the UK to support social enterprise through their supply chains, people and networks.

Our membership is a network that includes all the leading lights of the UK social enterprise movement from multi million pound health care and public service providers to community organisations and retail businesses.

We have created the world’s largest commitment to social procurement through the Buy Social Corporate Challenge.

We are the membership body for social enterprise.

What we do

  • Run effective campaigns for our members and lobby on the sector’s behalf
  • Carry out robust and respected research to help paint a picture of the UK’s social enterprise movement
  • Work with our corporate partners to broker business for our members and other social enterprises
  • Raise awareness of the role that social enterprises play delivering health and care services
  • Build networks between social enterprises
  • Raise the profile of people and social enterprises in the sector

Our members aren’t just social enterprises. They also include private businesses, charities and public sector organisations who support our vision of a world where social enterprise is the usual way of doing business.