Key policies in the UKIP manifesto that link to the wider social economy include: 

Brexit offers the perfect opportunity to open up government order books to smaller businesses, and encourage local, regional and national procurement strategies that will deliver better value for taxpayers.

UKIP will launch an urgent independent review of public sector procurement, with the aim of opening public sector contracts up to small and medium-sized businesses employing less than 250 people. Recommendations coming out of this review will be put in place immediately after we leave the EU.

There will be no quarterly tax returns, and no increase in Class IV National Insurance or taxes for our self-employed strivers

Enforce the minimum and living wage

Significantly tighten up rules on zero hours contracts and severely limit their use

A bold policy to roll out high quality, low cost factory built modular (FBM) homes, affordable on the national average wage of £26,000

UKIP will establish a Housing Development Corporation (HDC) to acquire primarily brownfield sites – at existing use value and through compulsory purchase if necessary – where affordable housing is required. Planning law will be changed to enable the HDC to give themselves planning permission to build between 10 and 100 FBM homes on an average site. Homes constructed will be sold on a freehold basis to first time buyers up to the age of 40 who are British citizens and who have a 10 per cent deposit. Owners will not be able to sell them on the open market, but must sell them back to the HDC at a guaranteed price of cost plus inflation over the period of ownership. Ownership can, however, be retained indefinitely.

UKIP will include practical information about setting up your own business into the syllabus. Being self-employed is a sound career choice if you have a skill or idea others want to buy, and developing the skill to think creatively and ambitiously can only help in life and the workplace.

…combined with high quality vocational training and careers’ advice, will deliver real opportunities for our children.

Exempt foodbanks and charity shops from charges imposed by local authorities to dispose of unwanted food waste and other goods.

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