We are the national body for social enterprises – businesses with a social or environmental mission.

At Social Enterprise UK, we:

  • Run effective campaigns for our members and lobby on the sector’s behalf
  • Carry out robust and respected research to help paint a picture of the UK’s social enterprise movement
  • Work with our corporate partners to broker business for our members and other social enterprises
  • Raise awareness of the role that social enterprises play delivering health and care services
  • Build networks between social enterprises
  • Raise the profile of people and social enterprises in the sector

Our members aren’t just social enterprises. They also include private businesses, charities and public sector organisations who support our vision of a world where social enterprise is the usual way of doing business.

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Our Strategy 

Our members are at the centre of everything we do. They inform, deliver and support each area of our work. 

Buy Social is SEUK’s flagship campaign that aims to build markets for social enterprises among the general public as well as the private and public sectors. It challenges all of us to think about where we buy our goods and services from, and the social impact of our purchasing decisions.

Social Enterprise Places are towns, cities, villages and zones that are ‘hotspots’ of social enterprise activity.  We are celebrating these areas, helping them to promote their status, supporting them and bringing them together to share learning.

The Social Value Act, which came into force in January 2013, requires public bodies, including councils, to consider choosing providers based on the social value created in an area and not on cost alone. Together with our members, we were instrumental in ensuring that the Social Value Actbecame law, and have been recognised by the Third Sector Excellence Awards for our achievements, winning the Big Impact of the Year Award 2012. We work with the public and private sectors to help them build social value into their commissioning and procurement.