With Expert Impact, Zia Yusuf, CEO of Velocity and Kim Rihal, co-founder of Equal Education.

12pm, Thursday 16th September 

It’s challenging being the leader of a social enterprise. You’re the one who has to make choices crucial to maximising the social impact and sustainability of your social enterprise. Wouldn’t it be nice to have someone to consult with when challenges crop up?

Join Expert Impact, and mentor Zia, along with social entrepreneur (and mentee) Kim Rihal for:

  • an introduction to mentoring
  • how it works,
  • how it can benefit your organisation 

There’ll also be a Q&A session, so you’ll be able to put your questions to the panellists. 

Expert Impact has more than 70 mentors, many of them recognisable names, such as Jacqueline De Rojas  President of Tech UK, and Patrick Grant of the Great British Sewing Bee. They’ve helped mentees increase their turnover, create jobs and improve their social impact. The free service has a 97% approval rate.