Job Title: Volunteer Work Placement
Location: London
Close Date: 28/02/2018

Job description:

In 2018 we are planning on widening our audience and distribution channels.

To do this we need personnel who can help build and execute plans in the following areas:

  • marketing, communications and social media
  • connecting and distributing retail partners
  • coordinating volunteers at our street market stalls
  • applying for funding for community projects
  • ecommerce development.

The exact role you perform will be heavily based on your skills and what you can do for the brand. This is definitely not a glorified coffee maker position you will be working directly alongside the companies founder on a variety of projects, over which you could have a lot of influence. To begin with placements are unpaid (apart from £10 a day for expenses) but I genuinely want to be able to pay people for what they put in to the work. There is potential for this to become a paid role.

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Point of contact for applicants: [email protected]