State of Social Enterprise Reports

The survey for SOSE 2021 is now live.

Social enterprises may be contacted by our partner BMG Research who are carrying out the research on our behalf. You can contact BMG via email to request to take part

The State of Social Enterprise report is the definitive guide to the state of the social enterprise sector in the UK containing data on turnover, scale, who social enterprises employ, where they operate, who they trade with, pay ratios and more. Published every two years it’s the place to go to for in-depth information on the sector. 

No Going Back - State of Social Enterprise Survey 2021

No Going Back – The State of Social Enterprise Survey 2021 is the latest state of the sector report written by Social Enterprise UK and supported by Barclays. It shows that in spite of the challenges of the pandemic, social enterprises are delivering economically, environmentally and socially.Read more

State of Social Enterprise - Regional Reports

These reports use our 2019 State of Social Enterprise survey data to explore distinctions in each of England’s nine regions. The reports paint a picture of the social enterprise community in each region compared to the national average.Read more

Capitalism in Crisis? Transforming our Economy for People and Planet -SOSE 2019

Faced with the triple threat of climate crisis, economic inequality and social division the latest State of Social Enterprise Report shows how social enterprises are crucial to resolving the crisis in capitalism.Read more

The Future of Business - State of Social Enterprise Survey 2017

The 2017 State of Social Enterprise Report, supported by Santander, is the largest, most representative survey of social enterprises in the UK.Read more

Leading the World in Social Enterprise 2015

The State of Social Enterprise Report 2015, supported by Santander, is the most comprehensive research undertaken into the state of the sector.Read more

The People's Business 2013

Figures published in ‘The People’s Business’ reveal a thriving social enterprise sector in the UK that is attracting a wave of entrepreneurs and out-performing mainstream business. The report was supported by the Royal Bank of Scotland Group.Read more

Fightback Britain 2011

This report outlines the findings of the UK’s only national survey of social enterprises, and examines how the sector in 2011 is delivering on its immense promise.Read more