Hormoz is the co-director of Result CIC In 2009, Hormoz completed diplomas in Personal Development and Executive coaching from the Coaching Academy, accredited by the International Coaching Federation. Hormoz uses his lived experiences of several aspects of his identity to inform his work, including his experiences of being an immigrant and a refugee.

His career has included education, marketing, sales, electronics engineering in oil exploration, and training and coaching. His experience includes several years in business development as an executive and then a manager. During this time, he worked for global companies like 3M and in IT Training, for New Horizons who are the largest franchised IT training company in the world. He then went on to work at Manchester Business School Worldwide as their Corporate Development Manager, helping establish a new centre in Dubai amongst other responsibilities.

Aside from developing Result CIC’s work with coaching and training, his activities include delivering Personal Effectiveness workshops to managers and leaders at private sector organisations as a freelance training facilitator for Simitri Group International, a global training, coaching and consultancy company.

He was most recently an associate coach for the Clore Social Leadership/Lived Experience (LEx) Movement online leadership programme for Migrants and Refugees. In May 2019 he became a trustee of 42nd Street, a charity working with children and young people living with mental health issues aged 11-25. He has been a Coaching volunteer for entrepreneurial Young People for UpRising, a youth development organisation and was a Coaching volunteer and later associate for Coaching Inside and Out (CIAO) at Styal Women’s Prison and then at Kirkham Prison

Photo credid: Rob Martin