Social Enterprise Futures is about bringing together the social enterprise community no matter what size your organisation is, where you’re based or what your social mission is. 

One of the biggest strengths of the social enterprise movement is its diversity with our members ranging from multi-million pound turnover businesses to small start ups. The social enterprise community is also far more representative of society as a whole compared to other businesses. 

We know that especially at this time, many businesses are struggling and may not have the resources or time to attend a two day event. For Social Enterprise Futures to be a success it is important that everyone is represented and everyone is heard.

That’s why, thanks to the help of our event sponsors, we are releasing free bursary tickets to ensure the event is both accessible and inclusive.

We want to ensure that the event is truly representative of the diversity within the sector and that all voices are heard. That’s why free tickets will be available to SEUK members who are led by individuals from a BAME background and whose social enterprises also turn over under £100,000.

We also know that too often young people’s voices are not heard, even though the future of the social enterprise movement is in their hands. That’s why free tickets will also be available for social enterprises led by people under 25 whose businesses turn over under £100,000. 

Apply for a Bursary Ticket

To apply for a ticket please contact our membership executive Chris Morgan – and state:

  • That you are a social enterprise
  • If you are a member of SEUK (as membership is free for social enterprises turning over under £100,000 you will get free membership as long as you are a social enterprise which meets our criteria)
  • Confirm your turnover is under £100,000
  • Whether you are BAME led and/or youth-led (under 25)