The May SEAP survey, as well as looking at the overall health of the sector, explored in more depth social enterprises and the environment and how the sector is tackling the climate emergency. It also focused on social enterprises as employers asking questions on issues such as equal parental leave, staff well-being and the 4-day working week.

Key findings

Over a third of social enterprises increased their staff numbers in the last quarter. This means new roles at potentially 33,000 social enterprises nationwide, so at least as many new jobs created.

Addressing the climate emergency – 26% of respondents have an environmental mission and are experts in various aspects of sustainability. 81% want to know more about how they can address environmental and climate issues.

A third of social enterprises have implemented equal parental leave regardless of gender and 7% have implemented a four-day week (on full-time salary) for their staff. Staff-owned organisations are more likely to have made these changes.

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