February’s survey reiterates the amazing role social enterprises are playing in building a fairer and happier economy. It shows businesses showing better expectations of growth and a sector already playing a big part in the COVID recovery. As well as offering a glimpse of the financial health of the sector the survey looks at which areas social enterprises are operating in to build back in a way that is fairer and more inclusive. There is also feedback on the Kickstart scheme and an analysis of social enterprises’ engagement with local authorities.

  • Growth expectations for the sector have improved: 65% expect to hold their position or grow, with only 4% anticipating losing income or staff. A static 1% expect to close.
  • Social enterprises are major contributors to the recovery: 92% of respondents support – or plan to support – the COVID recovery directly through job creation, health and wellbeing and education.
  • Half of the social enterprise sector is contributing in some way to job creation and employment (that’s 50,000 social enterprises UK-wide).
  • Over a third of the sector is providing health and social care for disadvantaged communities.

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