This short survey of our social enterprise members looked at the health of the sector over the last quarter, how the sector is addressing the social issue of racism, and how and where organisations have been working during the pandemic.

Key Findings

Social Enterprise Sector Health

Over the last quarter, 39% of respondents saw their turnover grow, while 22% said that turnover had declined. This month, we’ve seen a jump in positive growth expectations. Almost half of respondents to this month’s survey expect to grow staff and turnover over the next three to six months.

Addressing Social Issues

10% of social enterprises said that addressing racism is their core social mission, and a further 43% said that they would value support to learn and do more to be proactively anti-racist.

How and Where Social Enterprises Work

There has been a marked increase of 19% in organisations doing some, most, or all of their work online. In terms of technology issues faced at the moment, the main areas were:

  • improving websites and social media
  • continuing improvements related to remote working
  • maximising existing technology and supporting to overcome resistance to using certain types of technology.

Close to half of respondents operated fully flexible policies pre-COVID, but 14% have made a new permanent switch to homeworking, and 35% have or plan to implement blended models allowing increased flexible/ homeworking with some office/workplace activity.

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