This paper sets out how we’ve used information you’ve provided in the initial four Social Enterprise Advisory Panel (SEAP) surveys between May and October 2020 and the changes we’ve affected, and actions taken and planned.

  • SEAP data has helped us lobby successfully for more appropriate government support through the crisis, including social enterprise specific grant funding, and more flexible repayable finance.
  • Recognising the value to social enterprise of government schemes that support staff retention, we’ve lobbied for the extension of the Furlough Scheme and are feeding back issues with the Kickstart programme.
  • We are showing key stakeholders that social enterprises use new income received because of the crisis very productively (75% are either using funds to pay salaries, to pay new staff, or both), helping make the case for further (targeted) support.
  • Social enterprises want more webinar support and results also highlighted desire for help around mental health, so SEUK is launching new support content and identifying relevant expertise and pro bono support.
  • We have many examples of innovation in the face of extreme challenges and uncertainty and are able to use SEAP data to demonstrate how social enterprises can contribute to recovery.

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