Social Enterprise Advisory Panel

The Social Enterprise Advisory Panel (SEAP) is an SEUK initiative to collect data from social enterprises in a regular and light-touch way.

The SEAP involves a short regular survey of social enterprises (and support organisations) providing information about their needs, issues and positive impacts.

This data is used to influence policy makers, inform useful product and service delivery, to promote social enterprise in the media and general public and to drive more relevant investment and funding.

Want to participate?

The panel currently has 300 participants – join and make sure your voice is heard too.

Please complete our latest survey here >>

You can also register for the Panel by emailing our Director of Research =, Emily Darko at –

Want to fund questions or investigate a topic?

The SEAP is jointly funded by organisations who both support the initiative generally and who pay for specific questions to be asked to the panel. All questions must support social enterprises in some capacity.

If you are interested to support the project and/or to ask questions via the Panel, please get in touch.

Want to access data?

Our GDPR-compliant data is not open-source but we are keen to discuss opportunities for researchers and academics to analyse findings and maximise their value for our members.

Please contact our Director of Research to discuss:

Social Enterprise Advisory Panel: August 2020

The second report from the SEAP looked at how social enterprises are using Government and other support launched in June/July. It also looks at the resilience of social enterprises in the face of ongoing uncertainty.Read more

Social Enterprise Advisory Panel: June 2020 Highlights

Finding from the first survey which looked in depth at the support available for social enterprise through COVID-19.Read more