Social Enterprise UK have been commissioned by The British Council to conduct research into the Social and Creative City Economy of the Future.

Recent decades have seen an increase in the significance and influence of the city/the city region, economically and politically, as well as socially and culturally. Across the world city regions are engines of growth, trade, co-operation and exchange. They are increasingly powerful and influential on the global stage. Moreover, cities in many countries are taking over from national governments in terms of their leadership. While countries still negotiate high level agreements, a growing number of cities are developing their own international strategies and city-to-city relationships.

This research will look at the potential of social and creative enterprises to achieve inclusive growth and innovative solutions to the pressing issues that cities face. It will offer city leaders insight into the environment which can make this vision real, demonstrating how urban innovation can thrive under the appropriate conditions.

Alongside desk-based research, we are conducting expert interviews and compiling case studies of enterprises from across the world. Later in the process, we will also convene two roundtables – one for UK stakeholders and another for our global partners – to test our emerging analysis.

This research will be launched at the 2018 Annual Summit of the Global Parliament of Mayors in Bristol in October.

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