Location: Newcastle upon Tyne, Tyne and Wear

Beneficiaries: small holder farmers and artisans across the globe

About Shared Interest

Shared Interest are a UK ethical investment co-operative providing much needed low interest, unsecured loans to businesses in the developing world to cover the purchase of seeds, fertiliser or equipment.

We are a not for profit organisation that uses investment from people in the UK to finance trade, instead of offering aid. Unlike other social lenders, we prefer to work with customers for the long term, working with a business through times of hardship.

For 27 years we have been providing bespoke financial services and a vital means of support to some of the most disadvantaged communities across the globe.

Mission and Impact

Our mission is to provide financial services and business support to make livelihoods and living standards better for people as they trade their way out of poverty.

In 2016 we made a total of £61.7m in payments to 397 organisations in 59 countries, and lent money to 163 producer groups with 6,646 permanent employees, representing 361,576 individuals, including 106,028 women. (a 47% increase on 2015).  The majority of lending was unsecured and many of the producers had no other source of finance. 

Our lending supported three new product categories: flowers in Kenya, coconuts in Ghana, and alpaca fibre in Peru.