Location: London 

Close Date: 1st September

Salary: £48,169 - £56,243

You will be responsible for helping to shape and deliver a complex and substantial programme of work to bring about the successful implementation of the expanded dormant assets scheme. Over the next three to five years, between £1-2 billion of new dormant assets could be transferred from financial services sector firms to support good causes and you will be at the heart of helping make this happen. 

You will be responsible for: 

Building close relationships with key departments across Whitehall, most notably HM Treasury. 

Developing and managing strong relationships with leaders in key financial institutions in order to support the identification and transfer of dormant assets to the expanded scheme. 

Driving the work underpinning the scheme’s expansion, such as leading the legislative programme of work. 

Providing technical expertise and taking forward the work set out in the Government’s response to the Dormant Assets Commission’s report. 


Website link for full job description: LINK

For more information please get in contact with: claire.etches@culture.gov.uk