Location: London, Greater London

Close Date: 16 May 2021

Salary: Voluntary Position

Website link for full job description: https://yearhere.org/hiring2021/

Point of contact for applicants: opportunities@yearhere.com

Brief job description:
We’re looking for talented, mission-driven people to provide expertise, scrutiny and direction to Year Here’s executive team. We are appointing a co-chair to work with Sneh Jani-Patel and at least one other Non-Executive Director to join the board of Year Here Limited.

Bringing an objective eye and fresh perspective, our Non-Exec Directors will support and challenge the executive team to make great decisions and protect the long-term interests of the company.

Non-Executive Directors will be invited to make a voluntary commitment of around 4 days per year (equivalent to 3 hours per month).
You will join a board consisting of:

  • Sneh Jani-Patel – Project Director, FutureGov (Co-Chair)
  • Zoë Stanton – CEO of Year Here
  • Adam Swersky – Director, Social Finance

Your responsibilities:

  • Strategy development: Advise and guide the executive team towards a strategy that enables commercial success, organisational growth and social impact.
  • Advocating and connecting: Act as an advocate for Year Here, helping us connect with useful people and organisations to bolster our faculty, drive our sales and support our fundraising efforts.
  • Financial planning: Scrutinise the executive team’s financial reports and forecasts, offering counsel and direction on key financial decisions.
  • Risk management: Ensure that financial controls are in place, financial reporting is accurate, legal and fiduciary duties are fulfilled, and operational risks are appropriately managed.

Who we’re looking for:
All those expressing interest in joining the board should have:

  • Experience of strategy development at a senior level;
  • Ability to interpret financial data and make sound financial decisions;
  • Excellent interpersonal skills and the ability to balance coaching approaches with constructive challenge as appropriate;
  • An ambitious, entrepreneurial mindset with a reasonable risk appetite;
  • Passion for social impact and a commitment to dismantling unjust systems that propagate systemic racism, classism, ableism and other oppressions; and
  • An understanding and appreciation of Year Here’s mission and values.

In addition, you should have at least one of the following skills, experience or attributes:

  • Significant experience of non-profit or for-profit boards and/or expertise in company governance;
  • Commercial strategy skills and significant private sector experience;
  • Experience with startups, investment or venture incubation; and
  • Experience of frontline service delivery and/or lived experience of the social issues that Year Here works on.