• Full-time: 37.5 hours per week
  • Salary: £41,000 per annum plus pension
  • For the full job description and how to apply, click here.

About The Ubele Initiative

The Ubele Initiative (TUI) was established in 2014 as an African Diaspora led intergenerational social enterprise. Our mission is helping to build more sustainable Black and Minoritised communities across the UK. Ubele is unique in that it was built from bottom-up and is intentionally an intergenerational organisation.

Over the past few years, we have designed and delivered a wide range of local, regional, national and international initiatives which seek to create and build community wealth.

We support Black and Minoritised community led organisations and groups with their community assets (people, organisations and physical space). We use social action, community enterprise development, participatory learning & skills development and next generation leadership initiatives.

As a result of our appointment as the Black and Minoritised community catalyst organisation for Greater London in February 2020 we now provide more strategic regional and national responses to help minimise the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic. We have gone through a period of rapid growth and change and as result our sphere of influence has also grown considerably.

You can find further information about work at: www.ubele.org

What is the role?

The Finance Manager will be responsible for ensuring the financial health of the organisation and will handle all aspects of our financial management and financial accounting. You will produce financial reports and develop strategies based on financial research. You will also guide Directors in making sound business decisions in the long and short term. You must bring several years of experience in finance management and accounting along and are no stranger to the third sector and its workings.

Job Description includes:

  1. Responsible for the day-to-day financial management process required within our organisation.
  2. Responsible for advising the CEO, Programme Director and Programme Manager on the development of the budgets; the current, historical and forecast financial positions, track the organisations performance to identify areas for potential improvement and the identification and mitigation of any financial risks.
  3. Provide insightful information and expectations to the CEO, Programme Director and Programme Manager to aid in long-term and short-term decision making
  4. Provide high quality, robust and well-presented financial information to the CEO and board of directors, by producing narrative and financial reports including monthly management accounts, cashflow forecast and budget variance reports for the financial year.
  5. Responsible for preparing the organisation’s annual accounts for audit and lead the relationship with the auditor and ensuring an efficient annual audit. Working closely with the CEO and senior management team you will advise and support the analysis of trends in funding and our business environment, identifying risks and opportunities, and ensuring that we are in a robust financial position to manage those risks and opportunities.
  6. Produce and manage the annual budget, prepare monthly budget overviews and forecasts for all programmes on a rolling basis for Directors as well as work with the CEO, Programme Director and Programme Manager on an ongoing basis.
  7. Responsible for our routine book-keeping and oversee the payroll and the production of salary, tax and pension payments, and ensuring that payments are accurate and appropriately authorised and recorded. As well as respond and resolve payroll queries from employees and management
  8. Responsible for monitoring a potential VAT liability of income and to setup the organisation into a VAT environment at the appropriate time
  9. Update bank and card balances on a daily basis and implement on-line payments on a regular schedule along with ad hoc transactions as and when required
  10. Lead the final transfer stages from MS Excel to SAGE accounting (in consultation with CEO and Directors) and stay up to date with technological advances and accounting software to be used for financial purposes
  11. Establish and maintain financial policies and procedures for the company, as well as understand and adhere to financial regulations and legislation.
  12. Assist the CEO and Senior Management team with the preparation of bids for funding and any project statements required by funding bodies.
  13. Manage contracts with outside service providers such as accountants as necessary
  14. To carry out any other duties in line with the role as required by the CEO, Programme Director and Programme Manager.