At TSIP,  their work starts from a recognition that there is enormous social and financial inequality in the UK that contributes to and is made worse by other social issues. There is a lot of good will and resource going into trying to address this, but there are significant issues and missed opportunities with how this is being done. They believe that they could do so much more with the resource and energy that is already going into social impact by changing how they approach it. TSIP support those trying to do good to do better and build programmes to accelerate the pace of social change.

As Chief Executive, you will lead TSIP and act as the face of the organisation. You will work closely with our board, taking ultimate responsibility for developing and implementing our business plan, managing the senior leadership team, driving business operations and providing oversight across our work.

This role requires someone who will look inwards as well as outwards – ensuring the business is well run, that our culture is maintained and that it stays a great place to work while also helping us to scale through high impact projects.

For more information about the CEO role at TSIP, please download the candidate pack by clicking on the link below:

TSIP CEO Candidate pack (PDF)

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