When using these sample tweets please do use one of these infographics which run through the key themes and asks of the campaign.

Sample Tweets

We’re calling on the government to #SaveOurSocEnts when they most need support to #BuildBackBetter bit.ly/SOSocEnts

Back our call to the government for a four-point plan to #SaveOurSocEnts to #BuildBackBetter bit.ly/SOSocEnts

The proposed support package for #SocEnts for will lay the foundations for a strong and just recovery to the #Covid19 crisis. #SaveOurSocEnts to #BuildBackBetter bit.ly/SOSocEnts

Supporting #SocEnt is key for recovery from the economic and social shock of #Covid19. They are on the front lines in communities hardest hit by the pandemic, and employ some of the most vulnerable people in our society #SaveOurSocEnts to #BuildBackBetter bit.ly/SOSocEnts

Social enterprises are on the front lines of #Covid19 care, but are falling between the cracks in government support #SaveOurSocEnts to #BuildBackBetter bit.ly/SOSocEnts

This #Covid19 crisis is disproportionately hurting victims of social inequality. These are the people social enterprises are led by, work with, and work for. #SaveOurSocEnts to #BuildBackBetter bit.ly/SOSocEnts

Social enterprises are providing vital support in communities hardest hit by #Covid19 supporting some of the most vulnerable people in our society #SaveOurSocEnts to #BuildBackBetter bit.ly/SOSocEnts

Social enterprises are delivering critical services in health and social care, yet they are not getting the financial support they desperately need to save lives #SaveOurSocEnts to #BuildBackBetter  bit.ly/SOSocEnts

This package will help safeguard over 1m jobs when the UK faces unemployment of over 2.5m due the economic shock of this crisis #SaveOurSocEnts to #BuildBackBetter bit.ly/SOSocEnts

The Scottish and Welsh governments have taken action already to save our sector – the UK government needs to do the same #Covid19 #SaveOurSocEnts to #BuildBackBetter bit.ly/SOSocEnts

Research shows that half the social sector could run out of money by June. Social enterprises need this support now #SaveOurSocEnts to #BuildBackBetter  bit.ly/SOSocEnts

We have 4 clear policy asks of Gov that are the quickest and most effective ways to enable the sector to aid recovery: grants, zero-interest loans, statutory funding and business support #SaveOurSocEnts to #BuildBackBetter bit.ly/SOSocEnts

The government has spent £1.4bn building the Social Enterprise sector: This funding will decide if it can survive the crisis and support the recovery #SaveOurSocEnts to #BuildBackBetter bit.ly/SOSocEnts

The UK’s 100,000 social enterprises employ 2m people and contribute £60bn to the UK economy. They will be vital in driving the #Covid19 economic and social recovery #SaveOurSocEnts to #BuildBackBetter bit.ly/SOSocEnts