Job Title: Programme Support Intern
Location: Hackney, London
Close Date: 28/02/2018
Salary: £18,564.00

Job description: We are looking to find a Programme Support Intern to join our team to aid in the running of our Serious Impact incubator and accelerator programmes in London for startups and SMEs, and deliver a five-star customer service to the people working within these businesses.

You will play an important role in tracking the progress of the programmes against targets and the growth of the businesses taking part. You will also support the preparation for and set up of events within the programme.

This is an excellent opportunity for someone looking to start their career in supporting startups and SMEs. You will be able to bring great people skills, a positive attitude and the confidence to take on new tasks and projects. Our Programme team represent the face of two excellent programmes that truly make a difference to the businesses that take part, and bring with them a friendly, supportive, positive and professional approach.

We successfully recruited a Programme Support Intern for the current year and are now seeking to secure a further candidate for next year to commence 1st July 2018.

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Point of contact for applicants: [email protected]