Commenting on the appointment of Tracey Crouch MP as the new Sports and Civil Society Minister, Peter Holbrook CEO of Social Enterprise UK said:

“We would like to welcome Tracey Crouch MP as the new Sports and Civil Society Minister. It’s great to have such a star of her party taking ministerial responsibility for the sector. In many respects, she’s very much the Harry Kane of the Conservative Party.

We know social enterprise brings innovative, community focused solutions to building a fairer economy and creating inclusive growth.  There is much work ahead that needs to be done to ensure the outstanding work of the sector is not relegated to the bottom of the policy agenda – making sure that social enterprises are placed at the heart of the Industrial Strategy, the upcoming review of the Social Value Act and the development of the mutuals strategy.

There was a very real sense of momentum building before the General Election and we look forward to working closely with Tracey to ensure that Government doesn’t take its eye off the ball and maximises the opportunities, values and promise social enterprise holds.”