“I am delighted to see the publication of the Commission’s report which comes at an important time for social enterprises as they look to grow and help the country recover from the pandemic.

“Overall, Social Enterprise UK agrees with the Commission’s analysis that the social investment market has deprioritised the needs of social enterprises in recent years. A refocusing on social investment on social enterprises and providing flexible finance to these businesses is essential.

“The Commission’s calls for significant reforms to the market and deployment of new public investment. We believe that this is justified given the potential of social enterprise to help tackle some of the toughest challenges facing this country from tackling inequality to delivering Net Zero. The report is right to make the case for social investment on the basis of the strength of our social enterprises.

“Social Enterprise UK will seek to engage with HM Government, Big Society Capital and all the key stakeholders named in this report and see what we can do to help make the bold, optimistic vision of this report a reality.”  

Find out more about the findings of the Commission and read the report here.