Pre the Health and Social Care White Paper, SEUK responded to the NHS England and NHS Improvement’s consultation on the future of Integrated Care Systems. This in part sets out some of the changes that the Government is proposing in the White Paper relating to the future of Integrated Care Systems.

Integrated Care Systems have been developed over the last few years under the directive of NHS England and NHS Improvement they bring together commissioners and providers, as well as local authorities and other local partners to plan and integrate the health and care needs of their local population. Geographically they cover a larger area than a Clinical Commissioning Group (CCGs), currently they are not a statutory entity in their own right.

This consultation sought views on the best way to legislate for the growing role of ICS’, and the possibility of them taking on the responsibilities of CCGs. Our members are broadly supportive of the direction of travel however they are concerned that there is insufficient detail in the current proposals around how ICSs will be accountable and transparent. There are also concerns about how ICSs will ensure a diversity of providers who are able to bring their expertise to improve patient outcomes.

You can read our response here.