“Social Enterprise UK will be working with its members and partners in the short period before the election to communicate the crucial role social enterprise plays – and the potential for it to play a much bigger role in building a fairer, more inclusive economy: and a country that genuinely works for all. We will be working with the social enterprise movement to remind politicians and candidates of all parties of how social enterprise transforms communities and people’s lives.

The UK feels more divided than at any time in recent history, but there is more to it than that – it feels as though the divisions run along many more fault lines and run far deeper than ever before.

Social enterprise has a significant role to play in helping those communities ‘left behind’ by a more globalised and unequal economy, and the election offers an opportunity for us to put forward our solutions across health and social care; the environment; education; employment and training; housing and a range of other areas.” Peter Holbrook, Chief Executive, Social Enterprise UK.