1 March 2022

Peter Holbrook CBE, Chief Executive of Social Enterprise UK said:

“I am grateful to Parliamentarians for their inquiry and the recognition of the vital contribution that social enterprises made to keeping our country going through the pandemic. Social enterprises across the UK stepped up to help communities when they needed it most and we should be proud of what the sector has done and continues to do to help with our recovery.”

“We should learn the lessons from the pandemic but more importantly we need to think about the future. Whether it is the independent Commission on Social Investment or this APPG inquiry there is a clear consensus that social enterprise have significant potential to improve our society but we are not doing enough to maximise that potential.”

“I hope that Ministers will listen carefully to the constructive recommendations made in this report and work more closely with the social enterprise sector to develop a plan for how we can grow our sector over the coming years.”

Read ‘Rising to the Challenge: An independent inquiry into the impact of COVID-19 on the social enterprise sector and HM Government’s response here.