Peter Holbrook CBE, Chief Executive, Social Enterprise UK commenting on the result of UK General Election 2019 said:

“This result is an opportunity to take the country in a fresh direction following an election campaign in which voters were crying out for change. The Prime Minister has said that he wants to unleash Britain’s potential, to do that he needs to ditch business as usual.”

“Social enterprises are optimistic for the future. We believe that by backing the right kinds of businesses we can transform our country, our communities and tackle the triple threat facing our planet of a climate emergency, social division and economic stagnation. He has said he wants to lead a People’s Government. It is time to back the People’s Business.”

“The Prime Minister faces a choice. He backs our current broken economic model which has taken us to the brink. He now has the chance to choose serious economic reform, reset the system and put us on a path towards environmental sustainability and social justice. We don’t have time to waste.”


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