“It’s encouraging that the Prime Minister is today hosting a round-table on social enterprise, recognising the growing importance of the sector.

It is vital now that the rhetoric is matched with a real ambition to deliver – social enterprises are key to addressing some of the biggest challenges we face as a nation from redressing regional inequalities and creating jobs for the most marginalised to creating better social housing and delivering on people centred public services.

Procurement is an easy way for Government and businesses to support social enterprises by prioritising them in purchasing decisions, indeed many organisations are already doing so through initiatives such as the Buy Social Corporate Challenge.

Social enterprises are the future of business and today’s roundtable shows that the Prime Minister is willing to take them seriously. We hope it is a spur to action and helps ensure that all government departments begin to recognise the importance of social enterprise in delivering on her vision of a shared society.”

 – Peter Holbrook – Chief Executive, Social Enterprise UK