The aims and aspirations behind the consultation are worthy. Few would disagree with the need for a stronger society, and we welcome the very positive words the Minister has about social enterprise.

We hear what the Minister says about the legislative and financial constraints, but the business of Government is about not letting apparent barriers get in the way of what you want to do. Either Ministers want a society where the benefits of growth are more evenly shared or they do not.

The civil society strategy has come out 12 months to the day after her predecessor announced a review of the Social Value Act, a delay doubtless caused by adverse (political) conditions. This does not suggest a huge commitment by the machinery of Whitehall to making the changes needed to deliver the Prime Minister’s very laudable ambitions of society which works for all.

We hope OCS will work closely with BEIS as well as DCLG, as social enterprises are, put simply, the future of business – leading the way when it comes to diversity, paying fairly and creating opportunities for those individuals and communities who need them most.

We will be working with our members to contribute to the call for evidence and look forward to the final findings.


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