“I am sorry to hear that Tracey has decided to resign as Minister for Sport and Civil Society. She was someone who deeply cared about improving the lives of citizens and was always ready to listen to our sector’s views. 

This resignation gives the government a golden opportunity to regain the initiative on reforming the economy. If we are going to create an economy that truly works for everyone we need to back social enterprises. 

The latest research shows that social enterprises now contribute £60bn to UK GDP and employs 2m – more than agriculture which has it own department. 

We need our own dedicated Minister for Social Enterprise and Inclusive Economy to champion a better way of doing business.

At the very least, we are businesses and we deserve to be recognised as businesses. Responsibility for social enterprise must sit in the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy. 

We will be calling on the Prime Minister to show her commitment to an inclusive economy by making this small but vital change to the machinery of government.”

Peter Holbrook, Chief Executive – Social Enterprise UK