22 October 2020

Lord Victor Adebowale CBE, Chair, Social Enterprise UK responding to the Chancellor’s new measures to support the economy:      

“The Chancellor should be given credit for listening to SEUK and other business groups in providing more support to businesses and staff as it is clear that we will have to deal with even tougher trading conditions than previously anticipated. We believe that these measures will help thousands of social enterprises across the country working in some of the toughest communities.”

“The Chancellor has also done the right thing by devolving business grants to local authorities as in our experience they are closer to the ground and are better able to make judgements about the kind of support that employers need. Strict national award criteria do not work in practice.”

“The one area of caution is the increasing narrowness of the debate around business support. The tens of thousands of social enterprises working in hospitality, leisure and accommodation are critical to our economy, but they are not the only ones that are suffering. COVID has reduced activity and demand across the entire economy and you cannot isolate the economic impact of one sector or one part of the country from all the others. We will look at the detail, but the Government may need to expand its economic vision over the coming weeks to help more businesses.”