Social Enterprise UK is a founding member and convenor of The Social Economy Alliance, a group drawn from across the social economy: made up of organisations including social enterprises, co-operatives, housing associations, social investors, think tanks, community businesses and charities. Together, we campaign for a more social, more inclusive economy.

The Social Economy Alliance was created ahead of the 2015 General Election in order to bring many organisations together to be more than the sum of our parts. The Alliance produced an influential manifesto ahead of the election which many candidates and politicians pledged to support. The manifesto has been influential in a number of areas including the development of entrepreneurial apprenticeships, shaping of Social Value Act policy, a consultation on social pensions, and greater transparency for taxpayers.

The manifesto was supported by campaign packs, widgets to identify local candidates, and a high-profile advertising campaign in Westminster.

The Alliance will be working together again ahead of the 2017 election to convene and combine the strongest possible voice for those building a fairer society and an inclusive economy.

For more information visit the Social Economy Alliance website:

>> Read the 2017 Manifesto

>> Read the 2015 Manifesto