Election 2019 is coming up fast on 12 December. On this page you’ll find all the resources you’ll need to make the most of the campaign.

Faced with the triple threat of the climate emergency, social division and economic collapse – this election is a chance to address the huge structural challenges which are affecting society and the economy.

Amongst all the talk of who has or hasn’t got a plan for Brexit, how much money will fund out public services and who exactly counts as a high earner – one thing that is not being talked about enough is business. Not how we support business but what exactly business is about.

The simple fact is that if we are to deal with the big issues we face, we have to change how we do business. That is why the focus of our election campaign will be that BUSINESS AS USUAL ISN’T WORKING

Campaign Pack

This campaign pack will give you the low down on everything you need to know about our election campaign and why it’s so important that you take part! It also contains some sample social media content and some killer stats on social enterprise to use when lobbying your candidates.

Download the campaign pack here

Contact your Candidates

We’ve created this brilliant campaigning tool which allows you to directly contact the candidates standing in your area. Send out our template letter calling on them to support social enterprises and tell them that business as usual is not working.

Contact your candidates here

Template Press Release

Once you’ve used the iParl website to contact your local candidates, let your local media know! This election is a chance to go beyond the Brexit chat and get social enterprise front and centre of what candidates are talking about. Use this template press release to send to your local newspaper.

Download template press release

Guerrilla Marketing

This election we’re going to be doing something a bit different. We’ve hired the an ad-van on Thursday 28 November, which will be driving around key locations in London carrying the message that business as usual isn’t working. Inspired by the classic Conservative election poster our van will be passing locations symbolising our failing system from Parliament to the skyscrapers of Canary Wharf. We’ll also be paying a visit to Boris Johnson and Jeremy Corbyn’s constituencies.

Social media images

Your campaign pack contains some sample tweets. Feel free to use some of these images for your own social media campaigning! We’re using #TheFutureOfBusiness in our tweets on social enterprise. If you’re thinking you’re hearing too much about Brexit in the TV debates and online, we’re also using #MoreThanJustBrexit to call out candidates and the media when other issues start to be ignored in favour of the ‘B’ word.. .