Our analysis of the Labour Party Manifesto – SEUK’s James Butler looks into Labour’s Manifesto, the first of the big UK wide party manifestos to be launched. 

The Liberal Democrat Manifesto: The Highlights – Key elements from the Lib Dem Manifesto including a call to strengthen the Social Value Act. 

Our response to the Conservative Party manifesto – What did the Conservative Party Manifesto have to say about social enterprise? James Butler has a look. 

Wales is going to hell in a handcart (well that’s Plaid Cymru’s view) – we delve into their manifesto and take a brief look at an independent candidate in Macclesfield who’s manifesto is ram-packed with social economy solutions.

A more statist turn? – Highlights from the 2017 Green Party Manifesto.

What’s in the UKIP Manifesto? – Key highlights from their 2017 Manifesto.

What’s in the SNP Manifesto – The highlights from the SNP Manifesto. 

A social enterprise mention in the DUP manifesto – This and other key policies from their Westminster Manifesto. 

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