This report reflects the findings of the most detailed study into public service mutuals to date, with detailed telephone questionnaires completed by 70% of the market. These findings build on a range of other previous studies to provide a comprehensive picture of the current state of the market, and demonstrate that public service mutuals are:

  1. At scale – representing a combined turnover of £1.6 billion
  2. Diverse – operating across the health sector, education, employment and skills and youth services
  3. Profitable – 92% made a profit in the most recent financial year
  4. Growing – by on average 50% since launch, and 7% in the most recent financial year
  5. Flexible – 90% reported faster or easier decision making than when part of the public sector
  6. Engaging their workforce – 85% thought the primary benefit of becoming a public service mutual was having a happier and more engaged workforce
  7. Innovative – 66% have developed new products or services in the past year
  8. Representative – 56% of public service mutuals are led by women, and 7% by ethnic minorities

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