Policy and Research Reports

Creating a Social Value Economy: A collective vision from the Social Value 2032 programme partners

Launched at the Social Value Leaders’ Summit on 18 May 2022, which brought together key stakeholders explore the future of social value, this important report sets out a new vision for social value and explores how social value can be a tool to shape markets and organisational behaviour.Read more

European Social Enterprise Monitor report 2020/2021

SEUK is proud to have supported the European Social Enterprise Monitor in its inaugural year. This report is a summary of findings from the UK survey. It aims to provide decision-makers in government, business, researchers and civil society with data and insights on the social enterprise ecosystem, to be able to take a deeper look at the potential and challenges of social enterprise and, in particular, to enable evidence-based policymaking, funding and non-financial support.Read more

Market analysis of the UK’s consumer retail social enterprises

Social Enterprise UK (SEUK) has conducted a brief market analysis of UK social enterprises that sell retail products to consumers (consumer retail social enterprises). This analysis explores the size and growth potential of this sector, its social and environmental impact and barriers to growth.Read more

Social Enterprises & Climate Change: What we know and what we need to find out

This paper sets out our initial findings on this important topic. It is the starting point for a journey to better understand, and support, social enterprises as they engage with climate change. It looks both at the wider literature around social enterprises and the climate and also looks into what measures social enterprises are taking to ensure they have a positive environmental impact.Read more

One Year On: The effect of COVID-19 on the social enterprise sector

COVID has shown social enterprises for the essential and resourceful businesses that they are. This report summarises data and case studies about how the sector has been affected over the last year, including evidence that social enterprise is experiencing significant start-up growth.Read more

Build Back Britain: using COVID savings for public good

This report looks at how COVID savings can be used for public good with a specific focus on the use and expansion of Social Investment Tax Relief (SITR) to help social enterprises grow and create jobs. It proposes the use of SITR to help create "Build Back Britain" funds, place-based and used to support communities get back on their feet.Read more

Comprehensive Spending Review 2020

In a letter to the chancellor, we have submitted a package of proposals for the Comprehensive Spending Review. The UK is facing a huge economic and social challenge in recovering from COVID-19. At the same time, the UK needs to level up the country to close the gap between parts of our nation. To do this, we are going to need a mixture of public investment, better public services and a strong economy.Read more

Rebuilding business for society

This report has been produced by The Association of Financial Mutuals, The Building Societies Association, Co-operatives UK, EOA and Social Enterprise UK.s, which between them represent mutuals, cooperatives and social enterprises operating right across the UK economy, and which employ over 2 million people. The research in this report shows that who owns a business is an important factor in shaping how it responds to meeting the needs of society. Rebuilding the corporate ecosystem to enable different forms of business to thrive can give greater voice to various groups in society, including consumers, employees and local communities.Read more

Social Enterprises in Health and Care

This report from the health and care think tank The King’s Fund, examines the different types of innovation social enterprises bring to the delivery of health and social care services. It features case studies from five SEUK members, ranging from GP practice, community healthcare provider, as well as mental healthcare providers, and social care providers supporting people with disabilities.Read more

Bounce back Britain

This report has been written for the Social Market Foundation and looks at what lessons must be learned from the policy response to the 2008 financial crisis. It's key focus that for Britain to “bounce back” from the coronavirus crisis, business must spend more money on investing in innovation, training and start-ups. Central to a quick, equitable recovery must be social enterprise.Read more

Social Enterprise and COVID-19

This research is based on the responses of social enterprises to a survey looking in depth at the impact of COVID-19 on social enterprises. It looks at how they are adapting to the crisis and the ways in which many social enterprises are struggling, falling through the cracks in support and leaving their communities, beneficiaries and staff exposed.Read more

Front and Centre - Putting Social Value at the Heart of Inclusive Growth

Our latest research report calls for a rethink on how public bodies use social value, urging it to be placed front and centre of how local and central government works.Read more

Tussell-Social Enterprise UK Index - Community Interest Companies (CICs) in Public Procurement Q2

Tussell’s latest data on public sector contracts won by Community Interest Companies (CICs) on behalf of Social Enterprise UK has found that despite government’s commitment to opening up public sector contracts to a range of providers, the number of social enterprises winning public sector contracts has fallen to its lowest level for two years.Read more

Global City Challenges - The creative and social economy solution

Home to over half the world's population, cities produce 80 per cent of global GDP but also face myriad complex challenges. This report looks at how the creative and social economies can offer solutions to some of these challenges, spur innovation and help us overcome the challenges of tomorrow.Read more

The Hidden Revolution

The Hidden Revolution, supported by Nationwide and Co-op Group, presents fresh analysis of the size and scale of the social enterprise sector. According to independent analysis, the social enterprise sector makes a £60bn contribution to UK GDP, compared to £24bn in previous research.Read more

Tussell-Social Enterprise UK Index - Community Interest Companies (CICs) in Public Procurement

Social Enterprise UK’s analysis of data provided by Tussell on public sector contracts awarded to Community Interest Companies (CICs) has found that despite government’s commitment to opening up public sector contracts to a range of providers there has been little increase since 2016.Read more

The role of community businesses in providing health and wellbeing services: Challenges, opportunities and support needs

This report published in partnership between the Centre for Enterprise and Economic Development Research (CEEDR) at Middlesex University London and Social Enterprise UK and supported by Power to Change examines community businesses that deliver health and wellbeing services to address the needs of individuals and communities - the challenges they face and how they can be supported.Read more

Public Service Mutuals - The State of the Sector

This report written for the Department of Digital, Culture, Media and Sport is the most detailed study into public service mutuals to date.Read more

Buy Social Corporate Challenge - Year 2 Impact Report

This report looks into the impact of the first two years of the Buy Social Corporate Challenge - a ground-breaking initiative seeing some of the UK’s largest businesses use their spending power to collectively spend £1 billion with social enterprises.Read more

Trading for Good

Trading for Good was commissioned by Lloyds Bank Foundation for England and Wales to provide greater depth of understanding into the work of social enterprises, particularly small and medium-sized social enterprises.Read more

Our Money, Our Future

The author of the Social Value Act, Chris White has written this review of the Act's effect on public sector spending.Read more

The Future of Business - State of Social Enterprise Survey 2017

The 2017 State of Social Enterprise Report, supported by Santander, is the largest, most representative survey of social enterprises in the UK.Read more

Healthy Commissioning: How the Social Value Act is being used by Clinical Commissioning Groups

This report puts a lens to Clinical Commissioning Groups to see whether, and how, they are applying the Public Services (Social Value) Act 2012.Read more

Buy Social Corporate Challenge - Year One Impact Report

This report looks into the impact of the first year of the Buy Social Corporate Challenge - a ground-breaking initiative seeing some of the UK’s largest businesses use their spending power to collectively spend £1 billion with social enterprises by 2020.Read more

The Social Value Difference in Health and Care Commissioning

This short report details the difference social value can make in health and care commissioning, and shares learning for other commissioning authorities to make the most of social value.Read more

Procuring for Good

Procuring for Good, published by Social Enterprise UK, paints the most comprehensive picture yet about how councils in England are using the Public Services (Social Value) Act.Read more

Building inclusive and resilient social economies

Three years after launching the Social Enterprise Places programme, there are now 19 of these hotspots of social enterprise activity throughout the UK. This report looks at what's been achieved so far.Read more

Think Global Trade Social

Social Enterprise UK and the British Council, with the support of the World Bank, make the case that the Sustainable Development Goals must embrace the potential of business to deliver meaningful sustainable development. The Think Global, Trade Social Report includes a foreword by Nobel Laureate, Professor Muhammad Yunus.Read more

The Right to Invest

Published for the 2015 General Election this publication from the Social Economy Alliance looks at the benefits of community ownership.Read more

Leading the World in Social Enterprise 2015

The State of Social Enterprise Report 2015, supported by Santander, is the most comprehensive research undertaken into the state of the sector.Read more

Prospecting the Future: Social Enterprise and Finance Data from 2011-2015

‘Prospecting the future’ provides a snapshot of social enterprises operating in the UK and their finances. The research draws on findings gathered between 2011 and 2015.Read more

Communities Count: the Four Steps to Unlocking Social Value 2014

Communities Count: the Four Steps to Unlocking Social Value is the most comprehensive research report to date on social value. With practical recommendations for organisations in all sectors.Read more

Exporting Social Enterprise 2014

Co-written with the British Council this report investigates what types of UK social enterprises are exporting, how they are trading and franchising overseas and where they are obtaining support.Read more

The People's Business 2013

Figures published in ‘The People’s Business’ reveal a thriving social enterprise sector in the UK that is attracting a wave of entrepreneurs and out-performing mainstream business. The report was supported by the Royal Bank of Scotland Group.Read more

Out of the Shadows?

A progress report published almost one year on from The Shadow State, says that while private firms have been criticised for poor performance, they continue to profit from public services and operate without transparency and accountability.Read more

The Shadow State: A Report About Outsourcing of Public Services

This 2012 report by SEUK looks at how a small number of large companies providing outsourced public services are becoming too big to fail, with serious consequences for Britain’s economy and communities.Read more

Fightback Britain 2011

This report outlines the findings of the UK’s only national survey of social enterprises, and examines how the sector in 2011 is delivering on its immense promise.Read more

Growing Social Enterprise: Research into Social Replication

How can social enterprises successfully replicate their organisations? This report examines the various replication journeys open to social enterprises. January 2011.Read more

The Future of Social Value

Published a year on from the Social Value Act, this report looked at the challenges of implementation and gives recommendations for the continued success of the Act.Read more

Building Local Economies

The findings of a review by SEUK reveals that social enterprise is included in the draft strategies of all 39 local enterprise partnerships (LEPs) in England. LEPs published their strategies in November 2013.Read more

Spin Out, Step Up

The aim of this report is to increase understanding of the finance needs of the health and social care spin-out social enterprises; and to prompt the development of appropriate investment solutions to address those needs. Published June 2013.Read more

Business Rates, Social and Economic Value: A Guide for Local Authorities

A report published by Social Enterprise UK, 3Space and Meanwhile Space proposes how business rates can be used as a tool to nurture new, diverse and community focused enterprise on high streets. Published May 2013.Read more

The Power of Partnerships: Working with the VCSE sector for Health

This resource offers practical tools and support to CCGs, HWBs and VCSE organisations to develop effective partnerships to deliver better health care. Published February 2013.Read more