Colin Downie is the Sales and Partnership Director at the WildHearts Group, a social enterprise group dedicated to launching companies that through their activities and profits deliver entrepreneurship education and microfinance globally.

Colin is a founding member of the WildHearts Group, where his extensive experience and skills in entrepreneurialism, sales and business development have helped to build the WildHearts Group from zero customers, into a multi-million pound organisation now delivering social impact across 40 countries.

He passionately believes that business can and must be a force for good… a conviction he shares with SEUK and indeed all of the WildHearts Group’s customers. He is very close to a lot of SEUK’s Buy Social Corporate Challenge ‘pledger’ companies and will use his wide customer base to extol the virtues of Buying Socially and having social enterprises in corporate supply chains, ultimately bringing many more potential ‘pledgers’ into SEUK.

Colin has been an instrumental in the Wildhearts Group being awarded Super Pioneer status by Deloitte, Babson College’s prestigious Social Innovation Award, the Robert Burns Humanitarian Award and most recently, the CEO of the WildHearts Group becoming EY’s Social Entrepreneur of the year.