Katharine Bruce Nursery (part of London Early Years Foundation) based in W10 (Queen’s Park) has won this year’s 100 Million Minutes Reading Challenge for Early Years after clocking up a record 61,820 minutes during the month. 

100 Million Minutes Reading Challenge is a national initiative from Achievement for All that engages children and young people with reading.

Together with schools, colleges, Early Years settings, parents, carers, child minders and other community groups across the UK, children and young people had just one week to read for a collective 100 million minutes!

Parent and carer engagement, particularly in the Early Years, is still the single most important contributing factor to children’s development, wellbeing and achievement. Just 10 minutes of reading a day can have a huge impact on a child and young person's development. 

It is suggested that three year old children from disadvantaged backgrounds are as much as 10 months behind their more advantaged peers in vocabulary development and 15 months behind at age five. The power of reading in settings such as nurseries is therefore ever more important to introduce children to the habit of reading, to improve their communication skills, brighten their future prospects and unlock new worlds and possibilities.

The prize included a Child's Play hamper and £100 worth of books from Book People and Teaching Times Resource.

Yvonne Cadore - manager at LEYF’s Katharine Bruce Nursery says: "When we were told that we had won the 100 Million reading we were elated. We achieved this challenge by inspiring our children, staff, parents and grandparents to take part in the reading challenge by coming into the nursery every day throughout the whole month to read with the children."

June O’Sullivan MBE, CEO of LEYF added: "Teaching a child to read and enjoying books together from an early age is a fantastic way to encourage their understanding of words and language. It’s never too early to start reading and talking about books. Books help give children a wider vocabulary as they learn to speak and develop their understanding of others which is why book reading forms a large part of LEYF’s unique pedagogy."